“Any theory that cannot be shared in everyday conversation cannot be used to educate the public.” bell hooks Teaching to Transgress

The Humanities Podcast Network is a growing collective of instructors, scholars, and independent creators dedicated to the transformative impact of audio media and the human voice. We empower and support teachers in secondary and higher education, scholars, and independent creators in the Humanities who want to incorporate podcasts into their classroom practice and/or create their own podcasts so they too can be heard, free of institutional gatekeeping mechanisms.

This open and horizontal network aims to build affiliations, collaborations between like-minded folks, within or without the academy, who are committed to creating and teaching with podcasts. 

The 2023 Symposium “Staying Local” will take place on October 27. Register for free to attend. Check out our local meetups. If you don’t see one in your town, and want to host one, email us ASAP.  

To hear more about the symposium follow us Instagram @hmanitiespodnet, Threads @hmanitiespodnet, and Twitter (X) @HmanitiesPodNet. And help us spread the word! You can share our posts and/or post this poster yourself. To watch recordings of last year’s symposium, check out our YouTube channel.

Or read our article in Inside Higher Ed — “It’s Time for Academe to Take Podcasting Seriously

And watch this space for more things to come!