Humanities Podcast Network

We are the Humanities Podcast Network, a group of scholars, writers, and thinkers who make podcasts. We understand podcasts as a form of intellectual engagement that can expand the horizons of academic knowledge. We are also teachers and learners — we use podcasts in our classrooms and invite you to do so in yours too! For more information about our group, see below.


Annie Galvin
Opinion Audio, New York Times

Beth Kramer
Rhetoric Department, Boston University

Daniel Dissinger
Writing Program, University of Southern California (Writing Remix, The Nostalgia Test Podcast)

John Plotz
Department of English, Brandeis University (Recall This Book, Novel Dialogue)

Katherine Robison
Writing Program, University of Southern California

Kimberly Adams
Humanities Institute, Pennsylvania State University (High Theory)

Laura Perry
Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, University of Iowa

Milan Terlunen
Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University (How to Read)

Olivia Leigh Branscum
Department of Philosophy, Columbia University (How to Read)

Saronik Bosu
Department of English, New York University (High Theory)

Ulrich Baer
Center for the Humanities, New York University