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We host a range of virtual programs about podcasting in the humanities, including workshops on how to create and use podcasts for teaching, learning and scholarship. If you are interested in attending, presenting, or otherwise participating in our events, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you (eventually!). If you are interested in inviting us to host a workshop or participate in a panel, please email us at humanitiespodnetwork at

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Sample Past Events

Podcasting as Knowledge Sharing and Creation

Humanities Podcasting Symposium 2022

The Humanities Podcast Network Symposium held our second virtual symposium on October 20th – 22nd, 2022. This year’s theme was Podcasting as Knowledge Sharing & Creation. Registration was free and open to all.

The symposium was a series of one-hour roundtables with the second thirty minutes reserved for audience Q+A. Emerging and independent scholars along with established academics held conversations about the exciting world of education and informational podcasting and podcasters! We built on the success of last year’s symposium by focusing on the “Network” part of the HPN, strengthening the community of educational podcasters by giving us a space in which to make and grow our connections and friendships. All sessions have been recorded and posted to our YouTube page for archival purposes. See the event schedule and recording details on our recordings page.

The Place of Podcasts in the Humanities

A seminar discussion at the American Comparative Literature Association 2022 Annual Meeting. The ACLA meeting was fully virtual and sponsored an exciting, accessible, international discussion. You can read our CFP and the abstracts of our presenters here to learn more.

Podcast in a Box Workshop

In February of 2022, the Humanities Podcast Network ran a podcast production workshop for Stanford faculty, students, and staff. The three hour Zoom workshop used an interactive format to teach basic conceptual and practical skills for podcasting: planning, researching, recording, editing, and more. We were pleased to teach 30 participants with a range of experiences and interests in the podcast form, from complete beginners to experienced podcasters.  We look forward to running similar workshops in the future, at institutions of higher education big and small.

The “Podcast in a Box” workshop was divided between general discussion and topic-specific breakout rooms. The list of breakout rooms below gives a sense of the range of topics we covered, or would be keen to cover in future workshops.

Bunny Slope (What’s in a Podcast) (Marshall Poe – New Books Network)
This session will introduce participants to podcasting as a scholarly and social endeavor.  We will think together about what makes a podcast a distinct form of media production. 

Workflow / Production Process (John Plotz – Recall This Book and Novel Dialogue)
Join this session to talk about the process of planning, collaborating, and building a podcast from the ground up. We will go behind the scenes and on the slack channels. 

Podcasts for Inclusive Learning (Aven McMaster – The Endless Knot)
In this session we will survey approaches to using podcasts in the classroom in order to consider how to make a podcast accessible and useful for pedagogical use. Discussion will cover elements such as transcripts, citations, show notes, time codes, supplemental resources, how to indicate credibility, content warnings, etc.

Recording and Editing Basics (Kim Adams and Saronik Bosu – High Theory)
In this session we will provide a demonstration of recording and editing a podcast.  Participants will then have the opportunity to practice recording and editing their own audio.  

Hosting and Web Design (Chris Holmes – Burned By Books – Daniel Dissinger – Writing Remix and The Nostalgia Test)
Where do podcasts live on the internet? This session will cover the basics of building a podcast website and finding a hosting platform. 

From Idea to Podcast Plan (Kim Adams)
This session will walk participants through the process of building a podcast, from the initial idea to the ongoing broadcast. 

External Funding (Aven McMaster)
This session will focus on sources of external funding for podcasts, such as Patreon or sponsors or ads. We will consider why you might or might not want to monetize your podcast, the pros and cons of different methods, and some best practices for different types of fundraising.

Soliciting Guests and Interviewing (Chris Holmes and John Plotz)
This session will discuss strategies for finding and inviting podcast guests, and how to conduct a good interview once they arrive.

Editing an Interview (Saronik Bosu)
How do you transform a conversation into a podcast? In this session, participants will learn about editing interviews from a conceptual and practical perspective.  

Social Media and Publicity (Daniel Dissinger)
This session will cover publicity strategies for podcasts, focusing on social media outreach, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Humanities Podcasting Symposium 2021

The inaugural Humanities Podcasting Symposium took place in October of 2021. The event gathered instructors, scholars, and independent creators working in the Humanities, to build support for those who are interested teaching with podcasts and/or making their own podcasts. Our featured guest was Latif Nasser of WNYC’s Radiolab. The event was sponsored by Public Books, the NYU Center for the Humanities, and the Humanities Podcast Network. To learn more about the symposium, please read our Call For Contributors. We hope to host similar events in the future!

Recordings from the event will be available here.

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