Humanities Podcasting Symposium 2023

poster for HPN 2023 symposium showing hands and a microphone

The Humanities Podcast Network invites you to take part in its 2023 Symposium on the theme “Staying Local.” Join scholars, teachers and audio professionals from across the globe for free virtual discussions throughout the day, then attend in-person meetups happening in your area!

All events will take place on Friday October 27th. Register for free here.

This year, we’re focusing on how local contexts matter for humanities podcasting. At first glance, podcasts can seem like a placeless medium. Podcast creators routinely remove ambient noise or edit together audio recorded at different times and places. Podcast listeners can consume podcasts anywhere and everywhere.

Yet podcasts are also local in ways both obvious (shows for and about specific places, communities or institutions) and subtle (audio that to the attentive ear bears the traces of the environment in which it was recorded). What do we gain by thinking about podcasts, and communities of podcasters, locally? How do the podcasts we make connect to the places we live? How do the podcasts we assign in class connect to where our students are coming from?

In keeping with the theme, this year’s symposium will include both virtual discussions on Zoom and local meetups organized by anyone who’d like to volunteer. Zoom sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Podcasting as scholarship – producing knowledge in your area
  • Podcasting pedagogies – soundscapes in the classroom
  • The craft of podcasts – making, distributing, listening
  • Podcasts in the world – communities, industries, social justice

Local meetups may include happy hours, watch parties and site-specific gatherings, with New York, Providence and Boston already confirmed and interest ranging from Cairo to Los Angeles.

If you’re interested in helping to lead a session or host a local meetup (we have resources to help you), fill out this form by Friday September 15th.

Look forward to seeing you soon!