Symposium 2021: Podcast/Life Balance

How (and Whether) to Sustain Your Podcast

Recording (on YouTube)

Saturday, October 16, 2021
11am -12pm EDT
Workshop on Zoom

  • Wesley Livesay (chair)
  • Laura Perry (HPN)
  • Daniel Richards

This workshop hopes to provide attendees with actionable ideas and practical lessons about sustaining podcasts and maintaining podcast/life balance. The organizers have all started and continued podcasts, and bring the hard-won knowledge about podcast/life balance that comes from those experiences. The focus of this session will be on creating sustainable podcasting habits under three critical categories:

  1. Setting your podcast up for success
  2. Scaling up manageably
  3. Advocating for resources

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Audience size and interest permitting, we hope to actively brainstorm and troubleshoot with audience members about their own podcasts and collectively offer guidance and ideas about podcast/life balance. All are welcome. 

Session organizers:

Wesley Livesay: Since 2014 Wesley has been creating history podcasts with the goal of making history interesting and approachable to listeners of all knowledge levels. From July 2014 to December 2019 he released over 250 episodes for History of the Great War, a podcast covering the First World War and its aftermath. In Spring 2020 he started a new podcast, History of the Second World War, in which he hopes to eventually cover the entire history of the Second World War, from the interwar period to the founding of the United Nations. 

Laura Perry (HPN): Laura is the Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar for the Humanities for the Public Good program at the University of Iowa. In Spring 2021, she hosted a series of conversations with podcast creators about the intersections of audio and academia. Before joining Humanities for the Public Good, Laura was the Managing Editor at Edge Effects magazine, a digital magazine and podcast about environmental issues out of the Center for Culture, History, and Environment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Find her on Twitter at @L_Perry_.

Dan Richards: Dan is a radio and podcast producer based in Providence, Rhode Island. He’s currently the producer and co-host of Trending Globally, a public policy and politics podcast from Brown University. Prior to that, Dan produced shows for the Financial Times, Insider, Inc., and Vice Media. He’s also reported and produced programming for public radio stations across New England, and is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop.