Symposium 2021: Basic Podcast Production

Recording, Editing, Publishing

Recording (on YouTube)

Saturday, October 16, 2021
11am – 12pm EDT
Workshop on Zoom

  • Cassidy Cash (chair)
  • Annie Galvin (HPN)
  • Tristan Grunow

What you will learn: 
– Equipment suggestions for what kind of microphone to use, headphones to select, and equipment you need to setup your show
– Setting up to record a podcast and common mistakes to watch out for! (Plus a few tips on how to sound like a seasoned professional even if you’re brand new).- What kind of software you will need to edit your own show (don’t worry, it’s easier than you think!) 
– Professional Editing Tips to get that smooth and polished sound for every episode- Ethics of Cutting: How to know what to cut out, and what to leave in a final episode- What to do once you’ve recorded your episode: Distribution platforms and how to syndicate your show across Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and more
– Setting up your show’s home base: What to include in a professional set of show notes
– Using your show to build a brand: What is a lead magnet, why you need one, and a quick way to create it
Please note: This workshop is going to assume you already know the topic(s) you want to share through a podcast medium. Our workshop is designed to give you some nuts and bolts that help you go from that idea to producing professional sounding episodes when you are brand new to podcasting. 

Workshop Outline
– Introduction – Microphones, Headphones, and Sound Equipment-  Preparing for Your Recording 
– Checking Your Surroundings & Preparing Your Guest- Conclusion 
EDITING – Tristan Grunow
 – Introduction 
– Software options – From Blips to B-Rolls: enhancing podcast “listenability” – Ethics of Editing: When and where to cut – Conclusion
PUBLISHING – Annie Galvin (HPN)
– Distribution Platforms – Show Notes- Lead Magnets 

About your panelists: 
Tristan R. Grunow, PhD, is an historian of modern Japan, specializing in urban, architectural, environmental, and colonial history, and is Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Japanese History at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR.  As part of his commitment to academic outreach and making academic work more accessible to the general public, Grunow has hosted and produced several podcast series related to Japanese history and current events, including the Meiji at 150 Podcast from 2017 to 2019 and more recently, Japan on the Record,the podcast where scholars of Japan react to issues in the news. 

Cassidy Cash is an artist and historian of the life of William Shakespeare. Cassidy is the host of That Shakespeare Life, the podcast that takes you behind the curtain and into the real life and history of William Shakespeare by interviewing the experts who know him best. That Shakespeare Life is ranked in the Top 100 for History on Apple Podcasts. Cassidy is the artist and director behind multiple award winning films related to the life of William Shakespeare, including Romeo and Juliet in 3 Minutes which was nominated for Best Animated Short at the Sidewalk Film Festival in 2021 and selected by Kenneth Branagh as the Best Shakespeare Themed Animated Short at the Shakespeare Film Festival in 2018. Learn more and download a free playing guide for the early modern card game Noddy (mentioned in Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona) at

Annie Galvin (HPN) is an associate producer at the Ezra Klein Show, a podcast based at New York Times Opinion. Most recently, Annie was a Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow and the podcast producer and associate editor at Public Books, an online magazine of ideas, arts, and scholarship. Her career has combined teaching, academic research, arts journalism, editing, and podcasting, and her work tends to be guided by her passion for making academic knowledge accessible to a broad public.